Olivia Wilde’s Favorite Comfort Foods

Olivia Wilde, star of the new comedy Drinking Buddies, loves good IPAs and deep-fried PB&Js.

You recently Tweeted about eating a deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich: “Never in my life has my stomach orgasmed so mightily.” Where did you encounter such a thing?
Yeah, I didn’t know that existed, and now I’m ruined. I’m gonna turn into Marlon Brando. I had it at the Malibu Inn, which is a great music venue and bar right on the Pacific Coast Highway. My fiancé ordered the deep-fried PB&J—they use waffle batter, so it’s not too bready. The way the peanut butter and jelly melt together is far better than I could have imagined. It’s pretty much the ultimate stoner food.

Your character in Drinking Buddies works at a brewery and constantly drinks beer—usually stout. What did you actually drink during production?
It was always real beer. I drank gallons of beer for this movie! We were getting a lot of it from Revolution Brewing, where our characters work in the movie, which is a real brewery in Chicago. Even though I’m Irish and I love Guinness, dark, dark, dark beers aren’t usually my thing. I like a good, aromatic IPA.

Did you have a decent knowledge of beer before doing the movie?
It was all acquired in the process. On the first day, we were doing research at Three Floyds Brewing Company, and the wort—this boiling, thick, serum-y liquid—splashed into my eyeball. It did not feel good, but I wanted to play it cool and be tough, you know, because I didn’t want to be a sissy. So I kept it together. Now I have become a total beer snob. I’m the annoying person who takes forever in the beer aisle at Whole Foods, because I’m standing there going, “Hmm. I’m not sure. I’m not sure if that’s a good selection. Do you have anything in the back? Is this local? I’ve never heard of this one. How hoppy is this?” And other people are just like, “Please, move on.”

How about wine?
Oh yeah, I’m a wino. I won’t say there’s one grape I like best, though, because I do like blends. Do you know The Prisoner? That’s a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. That’s just a fabulous wine. But my favorite wine of all time is a Napa Valley Cabernet called Scarecrow. It’s mailing-list only, so it’s hard to find, but if you ever see a bottle of Scarecrow, get it.

You mostly live in New York City these days. Any favorite restaurants?
I have recently fallen in love with an Italian restaurant downtown called Carbone. I’ve always found sea urchin to be too fishy, but at Carbone, they serve a sea urchin dish that is incredible. It’s just garlicky and buttery and amazing. They also make the best linguine vongole I’ve ever had.

You’ve spoken about “self-medicating” with food during tough times. What are your comfort foods of choice?
For me, my number one comfort food—the food that really feels like a hug on the inside—is pasta. Probably a fresh linguine with arrabbiata sauce would be my top pick. Maybe I’d have some bread on the side, with some cheese or olive oil, too. I guess I crave the basic, carby things that we’re not supposed to eat.

When I was in Japan a little while ago, I picked up the idea of having miso soup for breakfast, which I think is genius. When you wake up at 5 a.m. and you feel cold and nauseous, it fills you up and warms you up, and it’s loaded with nutrients.


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Olivia Wilde’s West End Dream

Olivia Wilde dreams of performing in London’s West End theatres.

The ‘Rush’ actress would love to swap the big screen for the stage, but she has so many upcoming movie commitments she is unable to make room in her busy schedule.

When quizzed on possible theatre plans at the world premiere of ‘Rush’ in London’s Leicester Square on Monday night (02.09.13), she told BANG Showbiz: ”I have no time but that’s something I would love to do. Absolutely. It’s such a dream.”

The 29-year-old beauty turned heads by exposing her cleavage and midriff in a black Gucci blazer on the red carpet and it seems Olivia took inspiration from her supermodel character Suzy Miller – wife of playboy race car driver James Hunt, played by Chris Hemsworth – in the new Formula One biopic, who she believes was equally daring.

She explained: ”She was so cool to play because she epitomises the glamour of the time. She was fearless and confident, and I think she was James’ match. She wasn’t intimidated by him. She wasn’t a long-suffering wife, she was a supermodel and it-girl of the time. They fell in love really quickly and it didn’t last, but I think it was a real hot romance.”

New York-born Olivia – who is dating ‘We’re the Millers’ star Jason Sudeikis – adopted an English accent for the part of Suzy and she admits it wasn’t too difficult because her father, journalist Andrew Myles Cockburn, was born and raised in London.

She added: ”My father has an English accent, so I’ve grown up with it. I didn’t stay in the accent in between shots consistently, but I tried to stay in the rhythm. It helped that the crew had an English accent so I tried to listen to them and stay in it.”

Olivia was joined on the red carpet by co-stars Chris and Daniel Bruhl, ‘Rush’ director Ron Howard, and a host of celebrities including Naomi Campbell and Chris’ brother Liam Hemsworth.


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Getting Wasted With Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson

As the summer movie season winds to a close and we’ve become exhausted by explosions and superheroes and giant portals in the sky, the perfect remedy are some of the fantastic indie movies that are hitting theaters. One of those films is Joe Swanberg’s ‘Drinking Buddies,’ a romantic comedy for people who like to drink a lot of beer and generally hate romantic comedies. We caught up with stars Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson to talk about getting drunk, skinny dipping and having no idea what is going to happen next.


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Glamour Interview

If you couldn’t tell, we’re pretty, ahem, wild about Olivia Wilde here at Team Glamour. She’s such a hilarious writer that she’s thisclose to taking all of our jobs, she’s beyond talented in the acting department, and she has an amazing relationship with her fiance, Jason Sudeikis. So it should come as no surprise that she was just as open and honest when interviewing her about her new movie, Drinking Buddies, a story about two couples and their intertwining lives.

Glamour: Let’s talk about Gene Dentler in the film [played by Jason Sudeikis]. I think this guy has a future.
Olivia Wilde: Yeah, I believe in him. I really believe in him.

Glamour: How did Jason come on board?
Olivia: He did me a real solid [favor]. He came to visit me in Chicago right before he went to shoot We’re the Millers. He came to set thinking he was just coming to have lunch with me, and I said, “Hey, we don’t have anyone to play my boss. Do you think you could come improvise with me?” And he’s like, “Sure, let’s do it!” He’s so good at it—just coming up with character traits and not trying to be funny. We had never been on camera together, so we kept giggling through it. I asked him to come back for another moment too that took place in the bar with Jake, and he was so good.

Glamour: Were you a Sex and the City fan? Because the first time Ron Livingston is on-screen, I thought, It’s Berger! Post-It Note Guy is back!
Olivia: For me, actually it was Swingers! Ron has been in so many things, and he’s obviously a Steppenwolf-trained actor, and we were so excited when we heard he was going to come on board.

Glamour: Your character, Kate, is such a free spirit. As much as she’s beloved by guys, she’s horrible at relationships. Why is that?
Olivia: She’s a little bit self-involved. She has an emotional tornado of her own going on in her heart and her brain, and it stops her from being an emotionally generous partner. The thing that makes Jake’s character love her as a friend is her kind of badass, low-maintenance self. That’s great in a buddy because she can dish it as well as she can take it. But that lack of sensitivity is what makes her not a great girlfriend for him.

Glamour: How are you like Kate, and how are you different from her?
Olivia: According to my friends, there’s a lot of similarities. I’m not quite as messy as Kate emotionally. I see Kate as a version of me that I could have become if things had gone differently in my life. She makes the same dumb jokes that I make, but she is just a little more reckless than I am. But I’ve had times in my life where I was reckless, and the times in my life that I was that reckless were also the times when I was just a little bit fractured in terms of my own relationships. I also [didn’t really know] what I wanted and [didn’t] have a huge amount of self-esteem. Kate is a fun person—she’s living life, she’s grabbing it by the balls, but she’s personally not fulfilling herself.

Glamour: Describe your costar Jake Johnson in three words.
Olivia: Hilarious. Loving. Professional. He’s so many more things than that. I really lucked out. I mean, what if I had gotten some douche-y actor who wanted creature comforts like a trailer or a script? It was so refreshing. I’ve been really lucky with costars, but we had to really trust each other.

Glamour: At one of the press screenings, the guys couldn’t stop talking about how gorgeous you are in this film, yet you’re not even wearing an ounce of makeup. Not fair, Wilde!
Olivia: Haha, I’m sorry! That’s really interesting. I think we can take that as a lesson because what they are responding to is her confidence and her vibe. I think I had a 1,000 breakouts because it was hot and sweaty in Chicago and we drank beer. I think it was a little concealer, and I tried to wash my hair once in a while.


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Olivia Wilde Perfects Playing Imperfections

In the new film Drinking Buddies, Olivia Wilde delivers the best performance of her career by painting a stunning portrait of a woman absentmindedly approaching an emotional precipice. A feat made all the more impressive once you learn that the entire film was improvised by Wilde and fellow actors, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston.

That’s the signature of writer/director Joe Swanberg and the biggest reason why Olivia accepted the role of Kate, a brewery manager who attempts to juggle feelings for boyfriend Chris (Livingston) and co-worker/drinking buddy Luke (Johnson) with little success.

I caught up with Wilde to talk about tackling this intimidating role, uncover her personal history with alcohol and find out what she makes of Josh Schwartz revealing where her character from The O.C. is today!

ETonline: What attracted you to Drinking Buddies?

Olivia Wilde: This was not a project that I did for the result, and it’s probably the only project I can say that about. I did this movie for the process. I didn’t think anyone would ever see this movie [laughs]. They approached me and I was honored they asked. I didn’t know much about Joe, I had seen Hannah Takes The Stairs and I appreciated that he embraced complex female characters, and heard that the process was really intense and fun. Like every other actor I’ve always wanted to work with Mike Leigh, but that’s a year of preparation. This was sort of the opposite way of approaching an improvised film: you show up and just jump off the cliff. I have to give credit to my lovely fiance [Jason Sudeikis] for telling me to do the film because I was on the fence about it. There was no script — that’s scary! He really pushed me to do it and I’m so grateful because I did love every part of making this movie!

ETonline: Jason knows a thing or two about improvisation. What was the best piece of advice he gave you?

Wilde: “Don’t try to be funny.” That’s an important thing. You feel a certain amount of pressure with improvisation to push so you keep people excited and interested and fill the space, but I think one of the most important parts of this movie is the silence. So relaxing and not pushing anything and not trying to make people laugh and just being. Kate is sort of like me in that she deals with awkwardness by making jokes. And that’s in there, but it was not intended to be a comedy beyond the fact it’s about the hilarious and tragic parts of life.

ETonline: Kate is very much an imperfect woman, which is an archetype Hollywood doesn’t seem very interested in centering movies around, while imperfect men are omnipresent. Why do you think that is?

Wilde: I think people are quick to assume that a woman who is emotionally unavailable is cold, whereas a man who is emotionally unavailable is damaged or brooding. I think the inability to embrace the female imperfection is a romantic concept because women are seen as nurturers, as wiser, as being somehow more evolved. But it’s so important for us not to lose touch with the fact that women are human and female characters should be as complex as their male counterparts. Joe seems to really understand that. The more characters we see like this, the more people will come to accept imperfect women.

ETonline: To you, what makes an ideal drinking buddy?

Wilde: A good sense of humor and an ability to hold your liquor. I can’t stand drunks. Keep it together people [laughs]. The real definition of a drinking buddy is someone you feel comfortable letting your guard down in front of and that’s a great quality in a friend. I think that’s what Kate and Luke have with each other — the ability to be completely themselves; messy, selfish, silly. But that’s precisely why they can’t be lovers.

ETonline: Of all the characters you’ve played, who would make the best drinking buddy?

Wilde: Thirteen on House was pretty cool. I spent the most time with her, but she’s also extremely intelligent yet doesn’t wear it on her sleeve. I think she likes to have a good time.

ETonline: Part of me thought you were going to say Brooke from Butter.

Wilde: I’d end up in Mexico with a face tattoo if I went drinking with Brooke! I don’t need that! I mean, maybe once in a lifetime. If you really want to shake things up, go drinking with Brooke.

ETonline: What’s your drink of choice?

Wilde: I like beer. So this [movie] was good for me. In the summer, I’m a gin and tonic girl. In the winter, I’m a scotch girl. I don’t get down with that whole vodka soda thing.

ETonline: Have you ever broken up with a liquor?

Wilde: Tequila and I had to take a break. It was amicable. But, yeah, we got in trouble together. It’s like that friend you hung out with in school who almost got you expelled. At a certain point you just have to say, “Maybe we shouldn’t hang out any more.”

ETonline: What was your first drink?

Wilde: My dad is Irish and we grew up going back and forth to Ireland, so it was a Guinness.

ETonline: Lastly, and totally off topic, it was recently the 10 year anniversary of The O.C. and Josh Schwartz did an interview where he revealed what all the characters were up to today, and he said Alex was dating Ryan!

Wilde: What? What! WHAT!?!

ETonline: Yeah, he said they ran into each other on a flight and are going on a date. Thoughts?

Wilde: That’s awesome. I can see that. I love how Ryan was the quiet confident dude who came from the wrong side of the tracks, and sorta suggested Alex did as well. They’re both totally independent spirits. I could see it working out!

ETonline: Who would wear the pants in that relationship?

Wilde: Oh, Alex does! Come on. She wears the pants … and the purple hair streaks and butterfly tattoo.


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