‘House,’ ‘Glee,’ ‘Leverage,’ ‘Royal Pains’: Find out what’s next in the Spoiler Room

It’s hot in New York right now. Not awful… but getting there. And watching the premiere of Leverage, where the team heads to Alaska for a case, not only made me wildly jealous but provided just the escape I was craving. That’s summer TV for you! And we’re gearing up for the bulk of it, readers. So send in your scoop requests to spoilerroom@ew.com (that’s two r’s) or Tweet them to me @EWSandraG. I’m also accepting random questions about finales, questions for EW staffers, and your general TV musings. (I read them all when I run out of TV to watch, which happens more often than you think.) Thanks, as always, Roomies!


There’s so much change going on at House, it’s both terrifying and a little exciting. Exciting because there’s no way to predict how the post-Cuddy world will shift this show. One option currently being explored? The advancement of the Thirteen/Chase chemistry we’ve all picked up on.

“I think the fact that Chase confessed to her about the Dibala incident from last season is a very [important statement]. I think they have a powerful bond. I hope we only explore that further in the future,” executive producer Greg Yaitanes told EW after we screened the episode “After Hours.”

Of course, the future of this possible couple depends on Olivia Wilde’s commitment to the show next year, which is currently up in the air. Creator David Shore says anything can happen. “We’ve got lots of options and lots of things we’re stewing about. But we won’t know for sure until we start digging into season 8. But that was a nice surprise toward the end of the season, seeing the two of them together.”


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“House” Season 7 On DVD & Blu-ray

For the first time in seven seasons, Dr. Gregory House tries to access his softer side. Hugh Laurie returns to his Golden Globe-winning and Primetime Emmy Award-nominated role as television’s favorite irreverent M.D., who is now struggling to balance his new – and long awaited – relationship with Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). The doctors grapple at mixing work and play as they attempt to maintain a real relationship, despite fears that the affair will affect their ability to diagnose patients. Hailed as “one of the smartest and intellectually bravest shows on television” by E! Online, “House” Season Seven arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on August 30, 2011 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

“House” Season Seven follows the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital team (Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson, Amber Tamblyn and Olivia Wilde) as they continue to investigate and uncover new baffling medical mysteries involving everything from a religious zealot, to a professional bull rider, to a possible case of small pox. Adding to the intrigue and suspense, “House” Season Seven features phenomenal guest stars like Candice Bergen (“Boston Legal”), Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing), Jack Coleman (“Heroes”) and Michael Gladis (“Mad Men”). Catch up on all the drama with this five-disc collection featuring all 23 episodes, as well as behind-the-scenes interviews, episode commentaries and more!

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o MEET MARTHA MASTERS: Amber Tamblyn, executive producer Katie Jacobs, writer and executive producer David Shore and casting executives discuss Tamblyn’s character and her important contribution to Season Seven.
o HUDDY DISSECTED: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, executive producer Katie Jacobs and writer and executive producer David Shore discuss the longtime love-hate-relationship between House and Cuddy, giving viewers the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the new couple.
o ANATOMY OF AN EPISODE: “BOMBSHELLS:” This documentary-style featurette peels back the layers to reveal the astounding collaboration between the cast and crew that allowed “House” to pull off episode 15 (“Bombshells”) of Season 7. This episode is complete with period flashback sequences and a musical number.
o THIRTEEN RETURNS: Olivia Wilde returns as Dr. Remy ‘Thirteen’ Hadley.
o “BOMBSHELLS:” Featuring director Greg Yaitanes and Lisa Edelstein.
o “THE DIG:” Featuring writers Sara Hess and David Hoselton.
o “MOVING ON:” Featuring executive producer David Shore and director Greg Yaitanes.

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on House, Fringe, Psych, Castle, Dexter and More

Ask Ausiello has some scoop about Olivia Wilde and her character Thirteen on “House”.

Question: Now that Lisa Edelstein has opted not to return for House‘s eighth season and Jesse Spencer appears to be a lock to come back, should we be prepared for any other long-term castmembers leaving? —Melinda
Ausiello: The only remaining question mark is Olivia Wilde. Although she’s under contract for Season 8, her flourishing movie career will likely translate into another leave of absence — if not a permanent exit altogether. Exec producer David Shore concedes that there remains a great deal of “ambiguity” about the extent of Wilde’s involvement next season. “I expect she’ll be back,” he adds, “but I’m not sure how much she’ll be back.”


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Olivia Wilde has Daniel Craig’s back in new “Cowboys and Aliens” ad

Daniel Craig’s got a lot of problems in the new Cowboys & Aliens TV spot. He’s lost his memory, a strange bracelet’s attached to his wrist, and did we mention he lost his memory? Luckily for him, Olivia Wilde and her doe eyes are there to help him through it.

From the looks of it, Jake Lonergan (Craig) was dropped out of the sky with a new piece of snazzy jewelry. It has a mind of its own, and it’s caught the attention of a young woman named Ella (Olivia Wilde). He wants to know what happened to him, and she wants to know where he got his arm candy.

This whole TV spot is filled with Olivia Wilde giving Daniel Craig some positive reinforcement. If aliens abducted you, wiped your memory and kidnapped your girlfriend, you would need some words of encouragement, too.

According to Ella, they have one major advantage against their enemies—they underestimate him! We’re not sure what that means, but we assume Jake’s a lot more badass than he’s letting on.

Once Jake gets his head on straight he’ll be unstoppable. At one point in the TV spot, he’s shown taking charge and rallying the troops. He even asks Col. Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford), “You ready to get your people back?” You bet he’s ready! No one goes after Han Solo … we mean Indiana Jones … we mean Col. Dolarhyde’s family and gets away with it!

Check it out below.


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“Now” Changes Name To “In Time”

One of Olivia Wilde’s upcoming films “Now” (formerly called “Im.Mortal”) now has another new name – “In Time”.

Additionally, Dark Horizons has confirmed that Andrew Niccol’s film gets new title. Originally called “I’m.Mortal”, and then changed to “Now”, the 20th century Fox sci-fi movie which stars Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde will now be called “In Time”.

Scheduled for October 28 release, “In Time” takes place “in a future where aging has stopped and people must pay to stay alive.” It will follow a young man played by Timberlake who is accused of murder when he inherits a fortune from a dead upper class man, and has to go on the run from dirty cops known as “time keepers.”


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Five Reasons ‘House’ is Better with Olivia Wilde Back in the Fold

When Thirteen, played by Olivia Wilde, came strolling out of prison a few weeks ago, the fans of “House” collectively let out a sigh of relief. There are a number of “House” fans that were beginning to find the show a bit stale and predictable. With the return of Thirteen, suddenly the show opens up to a whole new world of possibilities. Here are five reasons why Thirteen returning makes “House” a much better show to watch.

Olivia Wilde is easy on the eyes
Shallow though it may be, the beautiful Olivia Wilde is certainly a good reason to tune in every single week. Those crystal eyes melt the screen every single week. Olivia Wilde is known the world over for her undeniable sex appeal. Fortunately, her beauty is not her only asset as an actress.

Thirteen’s history with Dr. Eric Foreman
In years past, Olivia Wilde has had an on-screen relationship with Omar Epps. This relationship was fodder for some of the best episodes in “House” history. The challenges they faced due to her health problems were extremely well crafted. Now, with Thirteen returning from prison secretly, Dr. Foreman and Thirteen are in perfect position to have fireworks again at some point. Even if they do not get back together, the history makes for excellent romantic tension and interest for viewers.

Thirteen’s impending demise makes “House” more interesting
Since the early days of her character, it was made clear that Olivia was dying. Now that she has returned and time has gone by, that death seems ever present and spooky looming in the background of her character. Will she die on the show soon? Will she suddenly get healed by some “House” miracle? These questions build drama and excitement around the week to week storyline.

“House” knows her secret
“House” is certainly one to be in on secrets and Thirteen is just as unlucky as others before her. When “House” knows your secret, you can be sure he will tease you and mess with your mind. Will he tell the rest of the team where Thirteen has been all this time? Will he reveal Thirteen’s secret? Only “House” knows for sure but it sure is fun watching to find out.

Thirteen is Hugh Laurie’s intellectual equal
Of all the characters that have come and gone on “House” over the years, Thirteen is the one that seems to be able to go toe to toe with him best. She is able to trick him when needed and actually get away with it, but at the same time lose emotional battles on occasion too. This ability makes for excellent back and forth between them both and great television for us all.

Olivia Wilde is back on “House” and fans could not be happier about it. These are only a few reasons why.


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Justin Timberlake’s rep dismisses new Olivia Wilde dating claims

Justin Timberlake’s spokesperson has shot down fresh rumors he’s dating actress Olivia Wilde after they were spotted celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday together in New York.

The “SexyBack” hitmaker recently co-hosted a dinner party for his pal at his barbecue restaurant Southern Hospitality and Wilde was among those in attendance, mingling with the singer/actor and other guests.

It is the second time in as many months the newly single stars have been spotted out together, but Timberlake’s representative insists there is nothing romantic between the two.

His rep tells People.com, “They are friends and are not romantically involved, nor is Mr. Timberlake romantically involved with anyone.”

The pair was first linked in April, just weeks after the singer/actor split from Jessica Biel, and Wilde filed for divorce from Italian prince Tao Ruspoli.

At the time, Olivia Wilde dismissed reports of a budding romance with Timberlake, tweeting, “Cool it honeybadgers. We are just friends and have been for years.”


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Olivia Wilde’s Talking “Glamour” Cover

The future is here. The June cover of “Glamour” magazine can actually talk. On an iPad. But still! It (as in Olivia Wilde) talks and moves and invites you somewhat saucily to take a look!

It’s definitely cool and speaks to an untold amount of other opportunities — we love the idea of a cover which morphs into the actual cover profile and actively speaks to you — but we’re also a little creeped out. Because the magazine is talking to us.

You can buy the iPad issue for $1.99 or a yearly subscription for $19.99. No word on whether every cover is a guaranteed talker.

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Olivia Wilde To Be Honored At Maui Film Festival

Hawaii is about to get wild—Olivia Wilde, that is.

I can exclusively reveal that Ms. Wilde will receive the Female Shining Star Award at next month’s Maui Film Festival.

The festival kicks off June 15. Wilde’s award presentation will include a screening of Sun City Picture House, a short produced by Wilde and Maria Bello about the building of a movie theater in earthquake-ridden Haiti.

Olivia Wilde will next be seen opposite Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in director Jon Favreau’s fantasy-action flick Cowboys & Aliens. Zac Efron, Jake Gyllenhaal, Claire Danes and Adrien Brody are among the festival’s previous young Hollywood award winners.

And like last year, I’ll be returning to Maui to sit down and chat with Olivia and all the other celebrity festival-goers (more names should be announced any day now) to give ya the scoop throughout the festival.


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Lisa Edelstein Won’t Return To “House” Next Season

There will be Huddy no more on House – co-star Lisa Edelstein will not return to the veteran Fox medical drama next season. Edelstein was one of 3 main cast members of House, along with Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps, whose original contracts expired at the end of this season. Leonard and Epps re-upped earlier this month when Edelstein’s deal also looked on track to make.

But word is that she ultimately decided not to return to series for the next eighth (and likely final) season, putting an abrupt end to the on-again-off-again romance between her character, Dr. Cuddy and Hugh Laurie’s Dr. House, aka Huddy. Along with Epps, Edelstein had been asked to take a cut from her most recent salary of $175,000 an episode, but the offer was still pretty good, so she is walking away from more than $2 million.

Her departure will leave Olivia Wilde as the only regular female cast member but, with Wilde’s hot movie career, she is rarely on full-time.


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