Olivia Wilde Talks About Her Engagement to Jason Sudeikis

Long before Jason Sudeikis popped the question, Olivia Wilde knew he was The One. “Oh, how could I not know?” the actress told Us Weekly at the Bulgari Serpenti party in New York City Feb. 9.

The Revlon spokeswoman, who recently wrapped production on The Third Person in Rome, admitted she hasn’t had much time to plan their wedding. “I still have no clue,” Wilde said.

Sudeikis, 37, proposed to Wilde, 28, in the first week of January. “He finally found the one that made him want to commit,” a source told Us at the time. “Everyone is happy for them.”

In the February issue of GQ, Sudeikis gave readers tips for landing a woman like Wilde. “First off, when she’s speaking, keep your eyes open. Also say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ — that was very helpful,” the Saturday Night Live standout advised. “And most important: Just mean what you say and say what you mean.”

Sudeikis also riffed off a joke Wilde made about “[having] sex like Kenyan marathon runners” during a monologue in October 2012. “To be honest, she was misquoted. If there’s any legitimacy in entertainment journalism, I’d be remiss if I didn’t correct it: The actual quote was, ‘We f-ck like Kenyan marathon runners,” Sudeikis quipped. “Things get lost in the translation. But everything after, from the word sex on, is accurate. When we’re both done, we tear through a little piece of tape. And you gotta put Band-Aids on your nipples, otherwise you’re really raw.”

This will be the second marriage for both Wilde and Sudeikis, who began dating more than a year ago. In 2011, Wilde divorced filmmaker and Italian prince Tao Ruspoli after eight years of marriage. Sudeikis split with 30 Rock and Pitch Perfect writer Kay Cannon in 2010 following a six-years union.


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First Still From “Drinking Buddies”

The photo gallery at Olivia Wilde Source has been updated with 1 image of Olivia Wilde from the upcoming film “Drinking Buddies”. The movie will be premiering at the 2013 SXSW Festival in Austin.

Olivia Wilde Source

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Interview With Olivia Wilde About Her Hair Colour

Olivia Wilde has an addiction . . . to changing her hair colour. From jet black to bright blonde, she has just about tried it all, which makes her the ideal fit as a Revlon hair colour spokeswoman. Her experimentation actually started as a pre-teen when she embraced punk style to its fullest. “When I was 12, I started working my way through the Manic Panic line. I went through purple, green, and I really liked blue,” she says. “I remember at one point I wanted to do a sunset. So, I wanted orange into red, which is hard to do crouching over your sink.”

While Olivia has stayed away from the primary colours as of late, she hasn’t lost her love of experimentation. Even her fiancé, Jason Sudeikis, takes note of her sporadic changes. “I really don’t go more than a month with the same hair colour,” she says. “So he’ll tease me and say, ‘Honey, it’s been a week, are you sure you don’t want to change your hair?'”

However, Olivia admits that one of the perks of her colour updates is the makeup. “One of the fun things about changing your hair is getting to try out all these different colours. I think if you’re a darker brunette, learning to contour is really helpful, and with eye makeup you can be a little bit more bold. And with really blonde hair I think [it’s best to] use way less makeup.”

No matter the hair colour, though, Olivia always leans on her makeup staples: a winged cat-eye and a handy brow pencil. “I plucked off all my eyebrows because I wanted to be Kate Moss. She had the perfect wisps of eyebrows,” Olivia explains. “But what you forget when you’re looking at your beauty icon is that they have a completely different face than you.”

Her time with the tweezers may be counted among her beauty blunders, but all in all Olivia embraces the trial and errors of life. “If I ever had a daughter I would tell her to make every mistake; go for it,” Olivia says.


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New “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” Poster

The photo gallery at Olivia Wilde Source has been updated with 1 new poster of Olivia Wilde from her upcoming film “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”.

Olivia Wilde Source

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Olivia Wilde Part Of “Vanity Fair” Magazine’s Hollywood Cover

It’s one for the history books—more than 75 different stars were photographed for Vanity Fair’s 19th Hollywood Portfolio, shot by Bruce Weber as the famed photographer’s definitive tribute to the town. Enfolding Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, Amy Adams and Jonah Hill, Selena Gomez and Alan Arkin, Weber’s vision called for a variety of talent—of both the two- and four-legged variety. The cover: Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper (impishly smiling in a bear suit and a gorilla costume, respectively) flank America’s sweetheart Emma Stone. Oscar winner Affleck cemented his status as Hollywood’s in-demand director with Argo, which received seven Academy Award nominations, including best picture, while Cooper’s Silver Linings Playbook received eight nominations, including Cooper’s first for best actor. Youngest-ever best-actress nominee Quvenzhané Wallis also appears on the cover gatefold along with Olivia Wilde, Kerry Washington, and Eddie Redmayne.

Vanity Fair
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New Revlon Commercial

What does it take to get three huge Hollywood stars to shoot a commercial together? Nail polish!

Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde and Halle Berry join forces in Revlon’s latest campaign for the brand’s new Nail Art duos, marking the first time the trio of brand ambassadors has starred in the same advertisement.

In the exclusive 30-second video (below), the gorgeous actresses show off their manis while posing in a photo booth.

Stone and Berry ham it up, making funny faces, but it’s Wilde who seems be having the most fun — she wears a top hat and even a fake mustache.

Revlon’s Nail Art launch features three new collections of dual-ended polishes — including Neon (a white base coat and a super-bright color), Moon Candy (a dark shade plus an iridescent top coat) and Art Expressionist (a pretty color combo with a skinny brush to create detailed designs) — for a total of 30 new shades hitting stores this month for $8.99 each. You can watch the entire commercial below.

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