Hugh Laurie Previews Thirteen’s Big ‘Intervention’

House welcomes back an old friend next Monday (Fox, 9/8c) when Olivia Wilde returns as Thirteen. And according to Hugh Laurie, she’s a woman on a mission.

“Thirteen reappears really in the form an intervention almost,” reveals Laurie in the following exclusive sneak peek. The former Princeton-Plainsboro MD shares scenes not only with Dr. Grumpmeister, but his ailing better half, Wilson, as well. Knowing a thing or two about impending death, perhaps she can “heal” his spirits?

Offscreen, the reunion was a little… uncomfortable. “There’s fun and camaraderie [among the cast], but really that came out when [Wilde] had left,” deadpans Peter Jacobson. “Now that she’s back, it makes things a little bit awkward.”

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