Cowboys & Aliens Interviews: Olivia Wilde Has a Hard Head

That’s what the doctor at the ER said after she was thrown from a horse on the set of Cowboys & Aliens and bounced back without missing a beat. She was as tough as they come. She was one of the most experienced riders in the cast and volunteered to try whatever the stunt team deemed safe, including a cable pull from a crane out of the saddle, mid-gallop.

In this third installment of the Cowboys & Aliens Interviews, I sat with Olivia Wilde whom I got to know very well over the course of the movie. These conversations are a snapshot of what life is like for a star on the rise. This is one of those wonderful moments where you get a sense of who a person is developing into at the cusp of a prolific career. We cover a variety of topics including not only her growing body of work but also where her passions lie outside of show business.


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